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**Friends and Neighbors in Lincoln County have spoken loudly. The YES Vote prevailed with nearly 58% of all votes cast. Congratulations Lincoln County you will remain one of the best places in the USA to live! *** 2,640' minimum distances between industrial wind towers and homes is a great start*** YARD SIGNS that have the word VOTE are being collected by WE-CARE Volunteers- if you want to keep your VOTE YES sign please take it down and put it out of site so our volunteers won't take it. Election law says we have until Sunday to take them down--we have hundreds of them to find all over the county--if we haven't collected your yellow signs by Sunday please call or email us we need to come get it:***

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Our mission is to provide information about issues affecting the future of our communities and the futures of the people who call them home. The goal of our all-local, all-volunteer membership is to provide balance to the information available to people about those important issues so they can make informed decisions about what is right for their families and communities.  Our expenses are 100% funded by contributions of people from South Dakota.  



WE-CARE formed in 2014 in response to the activities in Lincoln County SD by Dakota Power Community Wind, a for-profit, wind energy speculator.  Since that time we have researched and studied the issues and problems of industrial wind energy conversion.  We work to provide everyone access to factual information and resources that wind speculators and lobbyists are not likely to share or acknowledge. 


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