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" ***After the 10/24 9:30am Public Hearing --The Lincoln County commissioners updated the ordinance regarding required night lighting for commercial Wind Towers. The ordinancenow requires that technlogy be used to light the towers only when a plane approaches! Several community members joined WE-CARE to support the recommendation of the Planning & Zoning commision that will help to keep your county safe from light pollution and ensure that intrusive and disturbing lights do not blink 500 feet above the ground all over our county from dusk to dawn. Please take a moment to let the commissioners know you appreciate their work on this part of the ordinance, it will remind them that our communicty is paying attention!

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Our mission is to provide information about issues affecting the future of our communities and the futures of the people who call them home. The goal of our all-local, all-volunteer membership is to provide balance to the information available to people about those important issues so they can make informed decisions about what is right for their families and communities.  Our expenses are 100% funded by contributions of people from South Dakota.  



WE-CARE formed in 2014 in response to the activities in Lincoln County SD by Dakota Power Community Wind, a for-profit, wind energy speculator.  Since that time we have researched and studied the issues and problems of industrial wind energy conversion.  We work to provide everyone access to factual information and resources that wind speculators and lobbyists are not likely to share or acknowledge. 


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